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Why study in Czech Republic?

1. One of the best educational systems in Europe

The high quality and tradition of the Czech education and research is widely recognized, especially when it comes to studying Science, Engineering or Medicine in the Czech Republic. Charles University in Prague, the country’s capital, was founded in 1348 and is the oldest university in Central Europe. The Accreditation Commission and the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports are responsible for evaluating the quality of various aspects of higher education.

2. Free tuition if you study in Czech

Whatever your nationality is, if you study a course taught entirely in Czech at a public or state institution in the Czech Republic, tuition fees are free, according to the country’s law. Admission costs are the only enrolment costs you will have to endure, unless you decide to extend your studies beyond a certain duration limit, to take another course than the one you originally applied to or study in a different language than Czech.

3. Excellent quality-price ratio

Even if you opt for a private university instead of a free-tuition public institution, the costs will be lower when compared to other countries with an equally good educational reputation. Private institutions set their own fees, which may vary from 2,000 to 15,000 USD per year, depending on the course and university you choose.

4. More than 60 universities with unique programs

Czech higher education institutions offer interesting courses on topics that you may not find easily in other countries, giving you a particular perspective and a specific knowledge in certain areas. In addition to the general Undergraduate courses, many students choose the Czech Republic to do their Masters and PhD programs or even just a short term specialization, focused on innovative or more traditional disciplines.

5. Privileged geographical location

Due to the location in the heart of Europe, studying in the Czech Republic means having a “free ticket” to travel and discover a great part of the Old Continent. Besides the picturesque Czech villages, the neighbouring countries - Austria, Germany, Poland and Slovakia on the border, very close to Switzerland, Hungary and Italy - are unmissable tourist temptations that you can only easily access from a centralized location like in the Czech Republic.

6. Low cost of living

Besides the educational benefits, living in the Czech Republic is also more affordable than in other European countries, especially when comparing with the UK, France or Germany. Costs on every-day expenses, from food and accommodation to public transport, generally range between 350 and 750 USD a month, the type of accommodation being what will make a bigger difference on your monthly budget. Also, with the International Student Identity Card (ISIC), which you will receive before travelling to the Czech Republic once you’ve been enrolled in a Czech university, you will be able to enjoy special discounts at numerous places and activities.

7. Cultural richness

In the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a country that crosses many cultures of different origins. While studying and living in the Czech Republic, you will find historic marks of Slavic, Germanic and Jewish communities, which played an influential role on the creation of the Central-European culture and lifestyle. Visiting museums, attending literary cafes, entering by chance in old churches and cathedrals, walking through historic areas: this will be part of your daily routine while studying in the Czech Republic, complementing your classes and your social life with your new international friends.

8. Academic diversity

With the increasing number of courses taught in foreign languages, especially in English, more and more students from abroad are coming to the Czech Republic to take their Undergraduate or Postgraduate programs. Another reason for this is that the Czech institutions are getting more and more internationalized, investing on partnerships and cooperation activities with European Union countries and others. Currently, more than 37,000 foreign students are enrolled in the Czech higher education institutions. Making new friends will be an easy task for you.

Document Checklist for Study Abroad

  • Copies of diplomas received from a tertiary institution or university (scanned).
  • Graduate Program English Language Requirement (optional).
  • An official transcript of all university-level courses taken in previous university.
  • by 5(cm) passport-sized photographs (two). Documentation of scores received for English and academic proficiency exams/tests. (if available), Photocopy of the student’s international travel passport.
  • Copy of birth certificate.
  • Academic transcripts for masters & PhD students
  • Receipt of tuition payment.
  • C Republic / eNGLISH language knowledge certificate (if any).
  • A letter of Acceptance issued by the tertiary education institution.
  • Curriculum vitae which must include your name, phone contact details, educational backgrounds, level of professional experience (if any), academic honors, awards and research publications (if any), leisure activities or hobbies, also references should be included.
  • College or school leaving certificate.
  • Signed letter of recommendation from two or more reputable people.
  • Financial stability evidence.
  • PhD programme master thesis.
  • Medical examination report which includes TB, X-Ray, and Hepatitis B etc. Also international students are required to tender a medical examination certificate or report of fitness to the tertiary education institution of interest.
  • A brief not which includes the students’ goals and interests based on research or academic career.
  • A research project proposal which will be done during the doctorate/PhD studies.



Would you like to study in the Czech language? Higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for you.

By law, higher education at public and state institutions is free of charge for citizens of all nationalities. However, some fees might be requested: fees for administration of admission proceedings, fees for extending the duration of study beyond a set limit and fees for study in a foreign language. Private institutions of higher education can fix their own fees. Follow our website section Language to find out more about studying the Czech language!


Would you like to study in another language? Czech higher education is still really affordable for you! The tuition fees differ from 0 - 22,350 USD per year. The exact amount depends on the respective institution and study programme. There are several courses taught in English or in another foreign language.

Follow our website section Programmes to find out more and to choose the right.

Entry Requirements: For the pre-Masters courses, typical entry requirements are at least 3 years of higher education and UKVI IELTS 5.5 (minimum of 5.0 in all skills).

If you do not meet the English language entry level but have at let UKVI IELTS 4.5 (minimum 4.0 in all skills) you can do a course that includes extended English and skills (EES).

Intake: Students may be able to start in spring (January – April), summer (May – August) or autumn (September – November)


Would you like to pursue a university degree in the Czech Republic? Higher education institutions offer accredited degree programmes at three levels: Bachelor'sMaster's, and Doctoral, as well as lifelong learning courses.


Higher education institutions in the Czech Republic can be either PublicPrivate or State. Traditional public or state (university-type) institutions may offer all types of degree programmes while private (non-university-type) institutions are characterised by providing mainly Bachelor's degree programmes.



Would you like to come to the Czech Republic for a shorter (non-degree) study stay? You can come for a study abroad with the Erasmus+ programme.

Czech universities are also involved in several Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees (EMJMD). These are distinguished by their academic excellence and run by international consortia of higher education institutions. With EMJMD you can receive a full degree scholarship for such a Master-level international study programme. This action is supported by the EU within the Erasmus+programme.

  • Search for an Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in the Czech Republic in our overview.



Several public and private universities offer Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes. The list of MBA programmes at Czech universites taught in English is available in the attached table.

Besides universities, you can study MBA programmes at other educational institutions too. Useful websites where to look for further MBA courses in the Czech Republic are MBAStudies.com or FindMBA. In case of questions you can turn to the Czech Association of MBA Schools (CAMBAS), which is the institution aiming at controlling and improving the MBA post-gradual educational system in the Czech Republic.


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Medical care and insurance

Medical care in the Czech Republic is on a very good professional and technological level.


Looking for a study programme that fits your requirements? Select the type of education from the options below and search from a wide range of study programmes, study fields and courses of Czech higher education institutions. Specify the city, institution, level of study, tuition fee, duration or language to find the programme that fits you the best. Make your choice and use the relevant contact email for obtaining more details. Make things happen and study in the Czech Republic!

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